Welcome to my site! My name is Joshua Peters Smith and I am passionate about helping people live emotionally healthy, whole and free. I focus not only spiritual health but emotional health as well. My life’s purpose is to help others find their purpose and live their life at maximum potential. Everything that I do, and every gift that God has given me comes back to this purpose and theme.

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IT’S HERE‼️ The Soul Healing Training Academy has launched The Soul Healing Master Class as a self-paced course for the first time ever! After successful graduating over 50 prophets, intercessors and prophetic types using this curriculum, it is now being made available in this format. If you are looking to learn how to deal with the emotional burdens of your gift, how to manage your mood and temperament, how to process feelings, emotions & atmospheres, and how to be balanced overall—spiritually, physically and emotionally, this is the course for you. There are SIX modules (plus a bonus module).