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Emotional Intelligence For Business E-Course *NEW*

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Emotional intelligence is defined as your ability to recognize, understand, and manage your emotions. It is also your ability to recognize and understand the emotions of others. Numerous studies have proven that individuals who are emotionally intelligent perform better in the workplace, are less stressed, are more resilient, make better decisions, and are better leaders. It gets better! Those who are emotionally intelligent are also more profitable! A 2003 study conducted by a public accounting firm showed that emotionally intelligent persons are about 390% more profitable in business than those who are not! One of the secrets to being successful in business is the ability to manage and leverage emotions. Having a high EQ gives you the cutting edge! During this live, virtual four-week e-course, I will be sharing with you the principles of emotional health and intelligence. If you’re ready to break through barriers in your life and business, join me for this game-changing course! Register today for only $75 at [Space in the course is very limited. Seats are first come, first serve]

The Soul Healing Virtual Master Class, Prophetic Edition 101

IT’S HERE‼️ The Soul Healing Training Academy has launched The Soul Healing Master Class as a self-paced course for the first time ever! After successful graduating over 50 prophets, intercessors and prophetic types using this curriculum, it is now being made available in this format. If you are looking to learn how to deal with the emotional burdens of your gift, how to manage your mood and temperament, how to process feelings, emotions & atmospheres, and how to be balanced overall—spiritually, physically and emotionally, this is the course for you. There are SIX modules (plus a bonus module).