About Joshua

Joshua D. Peters Smith

Described as a prodigy, pioneer and a prophetic intellectual, Joshua is a multifaceted individual who is gifted in many areas as an author, speaker, entrepreneur, pastor, life coach, consultant, and therapist who teaches people how to transform and renew their minds with the Word of God and practical tools and techniques in order to walk in healing, deliverance, and soul prosperity. Joshua is a renowned expert in emotional health and wellness, and specializes in the treatment of depression, anxiety, grief, and trauma. With a heart for the broken and the wounded, his purpose is to help others find their purpose and maximize their full potential while living emotionally healthy lives. He is on an unrelenting mission to “Heal the World, one soul at a time.”

Joshua holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and an earned master’s degree in professional counseling. In May of 2017, he completed coursework for a Master of Divinity Degree and is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in ministry. Joshua is also a certified pastoral counselor and is credentialed by the state of Mississippi as a certified mental health therapist. He has ten years of experience in the mental health field. He currently works in management at a community mental health agency in the state.

Joshua is also the CEO of J. P. Smith Enterprises, which is the parent company of a host of other businesses, products, and professional services including The Dream Again Mentorship Institute, an avenue he uses to coach, train and mentor dreamers, visionaries and entrepreneurs. Under the umbrella of this company, he is also the founder of The Soul Healing Initiative, a forum focused on emotional healing, health and stability, psychoeducation, advocacy and mental health awareness through events such as “A Night of Soul Healing“, “The Soul Healing Tour” and “The Soul Healing Retreat“.

Joshua is also the founder and president of Joshua Smith Ministries, Inc., an itinerant ministry that also hosts conferences and is an avenue to train and develop current and future ministry leaders. He has been active in ministry for over 20 years (since the age of 12). In June 2016, Joshua founded House of Healing Christian Assembly, a non-denominational church in Gulfport, Mississippi. He currently serves as the church’s founding apostle & Lead Pastor. Even in his ministry, he often speaks from a psycho-theological perspective in order to bring complete healing, deliverance, and wholeness to the hearer in all areas (body, soul and spirit) while helping people find purpose, hope, identity and navigate through crises and difficult times. He is known for his ability to successfully marry Scripture with psychology and therapeutic techniques.

Joshua has previously been featured on popular religious networks including The Word Network, Preach the Word Worldwide Network, Radio 1000, The Impact Radio Network and a host of other radio and television programs.

Joshua is also the acclaimed author of “Dream Again: The Journey Toward Destiny”, “Encourage Yourself”, and “The Other Side of Rejection: Healing The Damaged Soul”. Joshua is a formally educated and credentialed life coach, noted for his ability to help thrust individuals out of the ordinary and familiar, and into their destiny, purpose, and potential.