“And by a prophet, the LORD brought Israel out of Egypt, and by a prophet was he preserved.” (Hosea 12:13) Joshua Smith serves this generation as an apostolic and prophetic voice to the Mississippi Gulf Coast region, the United States of America and nations abroad; organizations, government officials and business and ministry leaders. Below are recent [public] prophetic words that have been released with permission of the Holy Spirit.

The Word of the LORD to the Mississippi Gulf Coast Region (10/19/2020)


I see industry & infrastructure booming in this region (The Mississippi Gulf Coast) in the coming two years.

I see NEW CONTRACTS for Keesler AFB, the Seabee Base & Northrop Grumman which will bring new jobs in record number. Many will come through via military transplant and be saved, healed & delivered.

The educational system is about to see major improvements and overhaul. The real estate market is about to proliferate and many will move here and settle here saying, “I found a new life here.” “I found GOD here.” Many will find home here, in an unlikely place of prosperity. I heard the word “mecca”.

I see a ship coming in carrying the wealth of the nations! This time, the distribution of wealth will be of equal weight & measure. Those who hold wealth illegally who are in positions of power and authority, the LORD himself will judge. There will be equal distribution!

Age-old principalities of the past, including including racism, oppression, disunity, and the spirit of religion are being disarmed & will not stop this next Flow on Heaven’s schedule. For Behold, God is doing a new thing on our Coast and it will spread throughout the state, the surrounding states will also benefit.

***This is a portion of the Word of the Lord that was released during a prophetic flow Sunday, October 18th at House of Healing Christian Assembly International, Gulfport.

I have prophesied as I was commanded! Intercessors, pray into this Word and war over it according to 1 Timothy 1:18. Continue to break up the ground and plow in this region! As we move forward, GOD will challenge many ministers and ministries to challenge the minds & the mindset of the people of the region through sound Kingdom teaching in order to contain & maintain this outpouring. The ground has now been made fruitful and fertile. 2021 is a year of OPPORTUNITY‼️


The Word of the LORD Concerning the 2020 Election (USA; 10-19-2020)

I will begin this post by saying three things: GOD is neither Democrat nor Republican. Period. You’d be wise to reject any alleged prophetic word that has a “political slant” to it. It is not the heart of the Father. Secondly, the most accurate among our ranks abhor politics of ANY KIND and are usually “independent”, not preferring one party over the other so we can see straight down the middle in order to give you the heart and mind of GOD with NO MIXTURE. Thirdly, the Father is ABSOLUTELY not pleased with what is going on in our Nation’s (USA) governmental system right now, as a collective. We will continue to be judged as a Nation according to the spiritual laws that we break. Right now, IDOLATRY is at the top of the list. Only the remnant who seek the Kingdom will be safe and saved. Repent!

My prayer and prophetic focus has NOT been on the election, however, on the morning of September 24, 2020, I saw in a vision what looked to be map of the United States and then state lines being redrawn. I then heard the word “UPSET”. I sensed in my spirit that this had something to do with the upcoming presidential election. When I woke up and began to pray into this vision, it was confirmed. This is already scheduled to be one of the most contentious elections of our lifetime. It doesn’t take a prophet to see that. But this is what you need to know…

When I submitted the dream to a member of my own personal apostolic prophetic council, Apostle Pam Vinnett, she confirmed that what I saw in the vision was indeed accurate. “While we were sleeping”, gerrymandering has been widely occurring in many key swing states. This has caused for a redistricting that would put one party over another in terms of electoral college votes. These demarcation lines have been changed and adjusted within states (“state lines”) and would surely cause an upset to any election. POLITICS! But I saw it in the Spirit. Exposed! If you do some research, you will see that this is a major concern for the upcoming elections, not just the presidential election.

On the morning of October 7, 2020 on House of Healing’s morning prayer call, I began to focus in on the election as I led prayer. When I began to pray for “peace”, I immediately “hit a wall” in the spirit. And it was a hard wall! Mature Intercessors know that this could mean one of two things: 1. Press harder (and call for backup!) or 2. TURN and go in another direction [in other words, “stay out of this area”; it’s either not your grade or it’s illegal to pray this right now…see Matthew 18:18, amplified]

After our corporate prayer time, I continued to pray into what I sensed on the call because it troubled me that the Holy Spirit was not in agreement with what I was praying. The LORD brought back to my spirit the 2000 election and the confusion and contention that surrounded it. Here is the warning. We can continue to pray FOR peace, justice, complete fairness and AGAINST confusion, chaos, political unrest, heightened voter suppression & intimidation, however, I honestly sense in my spirit that we only have permission to pray that these things be lessened in the coming weeks and not stopped because they are coming! I hate to be the “prophet of doom”, however I’ve never been one to prognosticate for platform and popularity.

Here is how we, The Body of Christ, can pray: 1. That the Kingdom of God on earth [the church worldwide] and its continued reconstruction and that we be postured & positioned to be salt and light. 2. Pray against deception & strong delusion [in the world and the church]. 3. The lessening of strife & contention around election results. 4. A FAIR election with a peaceful transition of power and no cheating! 5. Pray for mercy on our land.

Also, VOTE‼️ I don’t have any prophetic intelligence on who will win and I don’t claim to know (nor will I tell you how to vote). GOD knows. I am not a fortuneteller; I speak my portion of what He reveals to me. I’m only sharing what I’ve seen and heard thus far. Pray that His perfect will be done without man made interference, further or idolatry or deception. He is a GOD of equity & justice.

Our best days are still ahead. Trust me, there are so many more other things on God’s mind BESIDE Nov 3 in America; and December looks like sunshine. 🌞

Submitting humbly for weighing & praying.