Welcome! My name is Joshua Peters Smith and I am passionate about helping people live emotionally healthy, whole and free. I focus not only spiritual health but emotional health as well. My life’s purpose is to help others find their purpose and live their life at maximum potential. Everything that I do, and every gift that God has given me comes back to this purpose and theme.

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Current Seminar Topics

Mental & Emotional Health:

  • “Wilt Thou Be Made Whole?”: The Church & Mental Health
  • Soul Prosperity: Maintaining Emotional Health & Stability
  • The Secret To A Happy Life: Challenging ANTs
  • Dealing With Grief & Loss
  • Gifted But Troubled


  • Dream Again: What We Can Learn From Joseph
  • Finding Your Purpose
  • “What’s In Your House?”: Developing Multiple Streams of Income
  • Hungry For Success
  • Principles for Next Level Success in Business & Ministry

Seminars, trainings, workshops and consultations available for businesses, organizations, groups, churches, fellowships, reformations, denominations, etc. Email: info@thejoshuasmith.com for questions or booking information.